Nitroglycerin (NITR) is an explosive liquid in the Explosives section. It has the element number of 8.

Properties Edit

Nitroglycerin is an explosive in the liquid form. It is green, and it is not dark nor bright. It is more powerful than Gunpowder, creating pressure of around 9.00 and flames of (800 C: 1073 K). Nitroglycerin can light from pressure (around 3.50), heat (400 C: 673 K) and from Fire, Plasma, Electricity and Lava.

Uses Edit

Since Nitroglycerin is quite powerful, it can be already used as a middle-level explosive. It can be easily stored since it's a liquid.

It turns into TNT upon contact with Clay Dust (simulating process of creating dynamite in real life).

It also turns into Diesel when exposed to Neutrons.